The Oversized Bottle

A product built with customers in mind.

A Product that can stay with you 24/7

As we all know, that as a human, we have to consume water every single day.

Having a big and sturdy bottle is a must in order for you track your daily water intake.

Refined & Upgraded

After much research and testing, we have upgraded our bottle to a better material and tested it to be shatterproof even if it drops from a high table level!

So now you don't have to worry about that anymore! 😇

Other than the Drop Test Video...

It's our amazing customers!

More than 5,000+ 5 STAR reviews from Shopee & our Website!

Super hard to find this such great quality of bottle in Malaysia.

Plus easy to carry with the handle and no need to constantly refill water.


Penang, Malaysia

Well packed and delivery was punctual. Great product,
doesn't leak and large capacity.


Selangor, Malaysia

Very satisfied with it the quality.

Makes my life easier to achieve everyday water level consumption in my hectic life.


Melaka, Malaysia

Delivery items from OVER is indeed well taken care and the goods are very solid.


Sarawak, Malaysia

idk how to describe but the bottle quality really feel premium!

Also the variety of colors to choose really nice!


Johor, Malaysia

Our priority is to offer the highest-quality, most functional products that maintain a healthy lifestyle and body

Oversized Bottle

The best investment for your health.