We want to make sports accessible for everyone all around Malaysia.

There is a powerful, positive connection between participation in youth sports and good character development, better health, higher self-esteem and academic success.

However, only 3 in 8 kids in Malaysia are getting the recommended daily amount of physical activity. 

This problem is significantly worse for kids living in low-income communities.

The Problem

For children living in poverty, play is often too hard to come by as their families face many obstacles, ranging from a lack of safe places to play to under-resourced schools that cut recess and physical education.

When children spend less time playing, they aren’t realizing the full range of its benefits: healthy bodies, resilient and creative minds, social activity and emotional well-being.


We want to encourage more youth from all backgrounds, especially the underserved in Malaysia, to get outside living their best life through sports.

We work to give every child, especially those living in low-income communities, safe places to play and the opportunity to participate in summer camps, youth sports, and other physical activities very soon.

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