Yes! You saw that right! It's actually RM0.089!

But what's the catch tho?
Well, let us explain!

How can our bottle only cost you RM0.089?

We believe

that our bottle can be with you at least more than 2 years as our bottle is manufactured with the premium quality compared
to other brands.

As we all know that as a HUMAN,

we have to consume at least 2L water every single day.

So let us do some math for you! RM65.5 (discount price) / 730 (2 years) =RM0.0894, TADAAA!

(and to be realistic)
+ RM 0.1 for the water from your home.

Before you start to rant, hear me out! 🙏🏽

Let's have an example here, if today you bought a RM65 shirt, you are most probably going to wear it once a week.

But with our oversized bottle, you will be using it every single day because you need water everyday. 🌟

Your Health should be a Long Term Investment

Every day, we are keeping you staying hydrated & lowing the risk of

getting headache,
sleepiness, low blood pressure, decreased skin elasticity, dry mouth and the list goes on!

An investment that save you thousands!

Sometimes you might get sick due to dehydration which will cost you even more to see a doctor!

So why not give it a try for our local business and meanwhile supporting local community too? Because

With every purchase,

you will also get the chance to donate to the charity of your choice.

Our mission is to inspire our customers to extend help and support to people around them.

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More than just a product

Stay Hydrated

and do good at the same time!

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