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Made with PP material, this incredible bottle is BPA-free and features
Smooth Flow technology.

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What our customers say

Malaysia Singer, Songwriter

"I’ve always been an advocate for hydrating yourself! So I absolutely love how easy it is for me to get in my daily water intake, especially with how active I am hehe 🙈"

Malaysia Hitz Morning Crew

"Over Malaysia’s bottles have been super convenient to carry around, stylish and made of high quality materials! It’s a bottle I can confidently recommend to friends and family 🤟🏼"

Malaysia Influencer

"You don’t need to refilling your bottle constantly anymore yet it’s so convenient to carry it around!"

National Basketball Athlete

"Malaysian weather always makes us dehydrated, but with this oversized bottle, it keeps me hydrated and helps me donate to charity at the same time. Two birds with one stone!"

National Dodgeball Athlete

"A game day essential to quench my thirst! + everyone in Worlds wanted to collect the cute personalised stickers that were given to us by OVER."

Forbes 30 under 30

"The new bottle is way more durable and super stylish with the new colours!

Highly recommend to everyone!"

Malaysia Fashion Model

"This baby is so sleek and stylish and always with me everywhere 😌 Thank you OVER"

National Wushu Athlete

"As a person who’s active in sports, we constantly need to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day.

With the 1.5L oversized bottle, it has served my needs well."

National Cyclist Athlete

"Staying hydrated is important for an athlete as it helps improve movement and recovery.

I love this design which made it convenient to carry along and how stylish it is ❤️"

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With every purchase, you will also get the chance to donate to the charity of your choice.

Our mission is to inspire our customers to extend help and support to people around them.

Here's Our Numbers

RM 22420.80
Total Funded
RM 14020.00
Total Donated
Customers Supported Local Atheletes
Customers Supported UKIM

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