The best bottle you will ever have

Hydrating has never felt so good! 🥰

Hydrate Anytime, Anywhere.

No need to set an alarm or remind yourself with Post-it notes! 

Our 2.2L oversized bottle is so big and colourful that it’s very hard for you not to notice it.

Why Choose Us?

We take customers feedback very seriously at OVER.

After a few launches, we have improved the oversized bottle to become stronger and lighter!



Tested & Accredited

Made with PP material, this incredible bottle is BPA-free and features
a Quick Flow technology. 


Our website & Shopee Store!

The new bottle is way more durable and super stylish with the new colours!

Highly recommend to everyone!


Selangor, Malaysia

Now I don't have to refill my bottle every hour anymore!

Best water bottle I have ever used so far and great customer service.


Selangor, Malaysia

Colour is just so appealing!! I didnt expect a reply when I texted late night but they replied straight away.

Top notch customer service. Kudos to the team!!!


Sabah, Malaysia

Staying hydrated in such weather in Malaysia is a must and this water bottle is the answer.

It's super easy to carry around too!
Thank you OVER!


Terengganu, Malaysia

After purchasing this bottle, funny as it sounds, it changed my life. I used to drink max 4 glasses of water a day.

Now I'm drinking 2.2L of water 3 times a day :D


Johor, Malaysia

Choose Functional. Choose Local

With every purchase, you will also get the chance to donate to the charity of your choice.

Our mission is to inspire our customers to extend help and support to people around them.

Matte Black Flip Cap 2.2L Oversized Bottle[NEW] Hot Pink Flip Cap 2.2L Oversized BottleOcean Blue Flip Cap 2.2L Oversized Bottle[NEW] Charcoal Black Flip Cap 2.2L Oversized BottleAlpha Red Flip Cap 2.2L Oversized Bottle

More than just a product

Stay Hydrated

and do good at the same time!

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