We use a trophy to symbolise the champion mindset.

To become a champion, one has to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone.

It is very simple & clear.

We want to become Malaysia No. 1 Sports Brand and able to support our local athlete to compete in the international level.

But changing the mentality to make people support local sports brands instead of brands like Nike or Adidas is a steep hill to climb.

Just like our name, many people associate the word 'Over' negatively, but we are shining a new light on it and associating it positively with words like overcome and overachieve.

Let's turn the negatives into positives.

We believe in uniting people through sports.

No matter race, religion or gender, OVER is for everyone to enjoy.

We are committed to providing Malaysians with affordable sport products, always focusing on quality and design.

Aspire to Inspire

Our mission includes encouraging Malaysian people to have a change in mindset about local brands and give our local athletes a push in the right direction by making them believe in their capability and talent.

Over Sport is still a very new brand, but we are spurred on by the number of passionate local athletes that agree with our approach

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With our current lineup,

we are proud to be producing more products to make our Malaysians athletes one step closer to achieving their dreams.

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